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Virtual Matrix System (VMS)

Visual Defence's Virtual Matrix System (VMS) provides a comprehensive digital video management solution to meet varying needs ranging from enterprise class (tens of thousands of video streams) requirements to medium and smaller operations. The architecture and design of the video solution provides the flexibility of a modular system with the ability to integrate multiple distributed video sources. The solution is fully scalable and provides layers of redundancy to meet the most demanding requirements while supporting legacy equipment to operate in hybrid and distributed networking environments.
  • Multi-vendor support and integration
  • View up to 64 video streams simultaneously per SoftClient
  • Node application support for multiple VMS
  • 99 user priority levels
  • Multi-resolution support
  • Wireless capabilities
  • Remote access
  • Support for both NTSC and PAL

Configuration Client

The Configuration Client is designed for the administrator and provides all the tools for the control and central configuration of all video sources. This robust set of tools defines and controls global access rights, permissions and priority levels.

With a countless number of configuration options at the operator's finger tips, changes can be applied in real-time without a required operator log-out.

System configuration includes device and resource management, automation through macros, triggered alarms, scheduling, the definition of video recording and live view parameters, defining camera settings, titling, and video and network parameters (protocols, IP and port addressing).


The SoftClient is designed with the operator in mind. It provides an easy-to-use interface which allows the operator to view up to 64 video streams simultaneously.

The integrated SoftKeyboard provides the operator with the convenience of controlling Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ)cameras while contributing to an ergonomic work environment.

Operators can view live and recorded video or retrieve stored video through an easy to use query tool that is incorporated into the single graphical user interface. Playback is easily managed using the video playback control panel.

SoftClient also offers multi-linguistic capabilities to meet a growing global audience.