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The Mapping Module enhances security and operational management capabilities by providing operators with a visual representation together with the map's scale and its co-ordinates. This includes interactive icons of all assets (cameras, intercoms, and alarms) on a map.

The module is very easy-to-use and provides a number of intuitive map navigation tools including Magnification, Panning, Full Extent, and Centering functions.
  • Event, alarm and intercom locations
  • Interactive icons (cameras & intercoms)
  • Navigation
  • Vertical zoom
  • Horizontal stitching
  • Building maps
  • Central configuration
  • User defined objects
  • User defined labels

In addition, the Mapping Module features vertical zoom capabilities with up to 10 levels of increased detail at a variety of resolutions.

The horizontal stitching feature allows for the creation of large area maps by simply stitching together smaller map sections.

Buildings are represented as links to building map containers (e.g., aerial view, floor plans, and blueprints). Building maps can contain up to 99 floor containers, each with their own map.