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Intercom Management System (IMS)

The Intercom Management System (IMS) module provides a number of unique communication solutions to fit a wide range of requirements and that can be customized to meet special needs.

Visual Defence Inc. (VDI) is able to unify voice, video, and data into one cohesive, centrally managed communication solution. This is provided seamlessly through VMS, Mapping and Event Management modules over wired and wireless networks and administered centrally through the Intercom Management System.
  • Client Server Architecture
  • Standard VoIP Protocols
  • Half and Full Duplex
  • System Redundancy
  • Sub-system Integration
  • System Health and Diagnostics
  • Indoor and Outdoor Solutions
  • Vandal Proof Solutions
Intercom Communication solutions can be deployed in a wide range of hardware and software configurations offering flexible solutions to meet varying vertical market requirements (e.g., University, College and other educational campuses, public parks and other public spaces, including industrial installations, public transit systems and more).
  • Call Recording and Playback
  • Conference Calls
  • Notification of Call Requests
  • Group Calling
  • Managed Call Queues
  • Auto-Answer
  • Call Hold
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Directories