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Digital Video Storage System (DVSS)

The Visual Defence DVSS is a platform for the effective management, monitoring and storage of audio and video inputs within an enterprise network architecture. The DVSS receives analog audio and video inputs. It encodes this data and provides an infrastructure for the delivery of live and recorded streams to multiple clients on the network. As an enterprise management system, the DVSS is designed to streamline the surveillance process by integrating audio and video streams with an open-architecture event management engine, receiving alarms/events from third-party systems including Access Control, Intrusion Detection and Building Management.
  • Exclusive hardware-only compression using advanced H.264 codec
  • Video resolution up to 704 x 480 (NTSC, 30 Frames/second), 704 x 576 (Pal, 25 Frames/second)
  • Records up to 24 video and 24 audio feeds in Real-Time, 30 FPS
  • Up to 2 TB of storage space per module
  • Optional VoIP capability