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Streamline passenger flow through ports while providing secure container storage facilities.

Safe, Secure and Efficient Seaport Operations

Seaports are high-profile facilities that are vulnerable to many illegal activities such as theft, smuggling and terrorism. Security measures that include asset and cargo protection, video surveillance, and access control not only act to secure the port but also to deter potential criminals. It is crucial to prevent such incidents from occurring as ports are large economic centers for their countries. As such, most can ill afford to have a port shut down operations for any length of time due to an attack.

Why are ports vulnerable to attacks?

  • Cover large expanses with multiple landside and seaside entry points
  • Close proximity to densely populated areas
  • Large volume of cargo and hazardous materials
  • Just-In-Time delivery system
  • Large number of trucks and ships moving in and out
  • Harbour may have other vessels for recreation or industry
  • Minimal security manpower

Overcoming a port's vulnerabilities starts with a comprehensive understanding of port security. This includes procuring the right equipment, providing accountability, and fully understanding international port regulations and codes. Ports are governed by the rules issued by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and its 2002 International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code. We have extensive experience and working knowledge of the code and are thus able to ensure that the port follows these standards.

Visual Defence can work to secure a port with the following items:

  • Establish an accountable party responsible for security of the port
  • Establish a central location for security operations at the port
  • Recruit and train security personnel
  • Harden and secure the external perimeter
  • Provide surveillance and access control
  • Establish communication systems
  • Screen cargo and personnel
  • Implement effective policies, programs and procedures

Visual Defence has the expertise to provide world class security services and technology systems that promote tourism and economic development, while meeting all the ports' security requirements.