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Reduce employee theft and shoplifting while improving your marketing strategy with a customized video solution.

Visual Defence Inc. can seamlessly integrate an IP-based Physical Security Video Management Solution into a retailer's systems and business. The key to being successful is in understanding the customer's needs and leveraging these into a cohesive solution; however, other value added elements are being sought after by today's leading retailers too.

For example, Point-of-Sale software often comes with a fraud-module providing an important safe guard. When coupled with a Physical Security Video Management System, it strengthens and provides real-time evidence that makes it virtually impossible to refute any security related issue. But that's only the beginning; other benefits include operational and potential business improvements in the following areas:

  • Monitoring and evaluating business practices
  • Evaluating in-store customer traffic patterns
  • Workplace safety
  • Customer well being and safety
  • Parking lot traffic flow
  • Integration with existing fire alarm system
  • Enhancing the existing security system

Retailers large, medium and small share common goals in reducing fraud and theft related activities. Retailers also know that both external and internal risks pose a real threat in a number of different areas. Risks can impact operations in their distribution centres, warehouses, customer-interactive environments (e.g., cashier counters) and back-office functions. A well planned and sophisticated Physical Security Video Management Solution acts as a strong deterrent against illegal activities.

Visual Defence's Physical Security Video Management Solutions can be tailored to meet virtually any need. Comprehensive security consulting services, assessments and training are also available.