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Public transportation

Increase ridership with a mobile solution that enhances safety and improves fleet operations; making public transit a viable alternative to cars.

Securing Public Transit

Whether your public transit system is operated by the government, private enterprises, public entities, or a hybrid combination, they all have one thing in common: your passengers. You also share some of the same challenges in operating your respective transit systems, such as:

  • Managing costs and applicable funding
  • Overseeing and improving day-to-day operations
  • Increasing ridership and customer satisfaction
  • Providing a safe and secure environment for passengers and employees alike

How you meet these challenges in today's environment requires forward thinking and recognizing that today's technology enables you to attain targets that were inconceivable just a mere 5 years ago.

Implementing and integrating technology that includes video cameras, digital video recorders, intelligent video analytics, tracking systems, electronic fare boxes and a host of other centrally managed solutions contributes to improved services, safety and operational efficiency.

Visual Defence's strength in tailoring scalable software technology and systems integration expertise in the public transportation sector has a proven track record. With a wide range of professional services, Visual Defence can help you define, integrate and implement a complete turnkey solution.