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Upgrade the quality of life for communities with safe and secure public spaces, using open networks and value added services.

Securing Public Spaces

The requirement to safeguard our communities and public spaces has become a goal and a necessity for many urban areas and cities around the world. There are innumerable reasons and benefits in implementing security surveillance systems, including contributing to the 'Homeland Security' requirements. Using video surveillance technology is an extension to policing our streets and safeguarding our safety and freedom of movement in a post 9/11 era.

Using intelligent software analytics to identify suspicious activity, unattended parcels and a number of other questionable activities is easily attainable. Additional benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Maximizing and improving operational effectiveness
  • Dispatching appropriate emergency services personnel
  • Reducing crime in high crime areas
  • Improving quality of life for communities
  • Safeguarding against terrorism and terrorist acts
  • Leveraging existing technology
  • Mitigating and controlling risk

The reality and realization for many begins by recognizing, evaluating and then determining the extent to which security surveillance efforts should become common place in the lives of our citizens and our communities. The issue of privacy and civil liberties is a legitimate concern and it is extremely important to address all opinions candidly and openly. In this manner, the community will understand and support the benefits the video surveillance security system will provide to their daily lives.

Most North American and European cities have relatively escaped the impact and damaging effects of terrorist activity. In many instances, good policing and intelligence gathering efforts have proven successful. By being proactive and leveraging today's technology, communities can make significant gains in achieving targets of safeguarding their communities and public spaces. It is important not to be complacent and to think it will never happen. It will happen; it is more a question of when.

Visual Defence's strength in tailoring scalable software technology and systems integration expertise in security surveillance has a proven track record. With a wide range of professional services, Visual Defence can help you define, integrate and implement a complete turnkey solution