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Homeland Security

Protect critical infrastructure, borders and facilities with a series of surveillance tactics to keep citizens safe.

The term 'Homeland Security' has become an increasingly poignant component of our lexicon, both at home and in businesses. Demands for better homeland security have accelerated since the 9/11 attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C.. Whether protecting critical infrastructure, airports, borders, public transportation, public areas, government facilities, or businesses, a properly designed and integrated physical security and surveillance plan serves as the foundation for increased public safety and security.

Although specific requirements for each of these elements vary, the following points are common to all when creating the ideal integrated physical security and surveillance plan:

  1. Work with a security consultant to carry out a risk assessment to identify the type and level of threats you need to consider and prepare for.
  2. Identify the physical security measures, operational procedures and policies, and technical assets available for mitigating risks.
  3. Design a solution to meet your particular objectives. Ensure the solution can adapt to your organization's business rules and is flexible to handle evolving changes.
  4. Define the strategy. Identify means, determine costs, make justifications, and set timeframes.
  5. Implement the plan. To cover all aspects, the plan needs to include bid contracting, vendor selection, project management, quality assurance and control, along with modifications to current policies and procedures.

Visual Defence supplies a number of solutions to meet Homeland Security objectives in each of the critical areas. With flexible and scalable software technology at the core of these solutions, Visual Defence incorporates expertise in video surveillance over broadband and narrowband multi-system convergence as well as project management partnering with you to create customized solutions to meet your mission-critical objectives.