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Discover a set of solutions that address the growing issue of student safety while enhancing the educational experience.

Safety & Security in our Educational Institutions

Protecting our educational institutions, students, faculty, support staff and maintenance personnel have become a necessity. Security issues vary considerably but are not limited to simply external threats. Your security plan must also address internal threats as well.


  • Threats to faculty and other personnel
  • Intruders
  • Weapons
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Bullying and Stalking
  • Student Confrontation
  • Awareness

Overcoming these threats begins with awareness and educating the community, school and campus officials, including parents as well as students. This holistic approach combined with technology-based solutions enhances your security strategy from being a strictly reactionary model to one that offers preventative measures.

If your facility includes dormitories, you will want to include these along with surveillance and proper lighting as well as strategically located interactive intercom systems. Don't overlook outdoor open spaces between and leading to sporting venues and parking areas.

Monitoring the perimeter and all points of entry and exit using access control including the installation of sensors (e.g., weapon detection), is an option if the need is identified in your security assessment. Along with the day-to-day activities typical in any educational facility, monitoring secured and unsecured areas (e.g., mechanical systems) as well as protecting assets is equally important.

Implementing a comprehensive security solution that manages all systems and edge devices can be tailored to identify specific events, pinpoint location, and triggered alarms by incorporating intelligent workflows and sophisticated mapping algorithms. This approach allows for a proper and measured response for each type of event.

Whether your facility is a single building or includes several sites, managing your security plan centrally also keeps costs in check and is designed to help you meet regulatory and compliance requirements while achieving the outcomes you seek.

Visual Defence's Physical Security Video Management Solutions can be tailored to meet virtually any need. Our core competency is the ability to design a customized central management layer for all security and building management edge devices. Comprehensive security consulting services, assessments and training are also available.