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Empower armed forces with the full benefits of advanced IP and defense technology.

Armed Forces must be prepared to conduct a wide range of operations from conflict prevention to counter-terrorist operations to high-intensity war fighting. In order to meet the challenges of the future, it is essential to draw from the full benefits of advancing technology. The following describes some of the areas where technology can enhance defense operations:

  • Enhanced military communications using video. Military communications, defined as the transmission medium that links military components on the battlefield, is of vital importance for both disseminating information to the field and relaying information from the field. Enhancing existing communications with highly reliable video streams over narrow bandwidths provides the ability to send video to and from the field, offering superior tools for real-time decision making in critical situations.
  • Military bases. As critical locations sheltering military equipment and personnel, military bases require strong perimeter protection to thwart enemy attacks. The effective placement of fixed and PTZ cameras, fence sensors, motion sensors, X-rays, watchtowers and other technology provide infrastructure designed to keep bases secure.

Visual Defence supplies a number of solutions to meet defense objectives in each of the above critical areas. With flexible and scalable software technology at the core of these solutions, Visual Defence incorporates expertise in video surveillance over broadband and narrowband, multi-system convergence and project management to create customized solutions to meet your mission-critical objectives.