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SecurEye - "Blast-Resistant" Forensic Surveillance System

SecurEye is a low cost, blast-resistant video surveillance system designed for use in the Transportation Sector when applied in either mobile (buses, trains, light rail, trolleys etc.) or fixed installations in stations, platforms tunnels and bridges. Once installed, each unit is designed for autonomous video monitoring of events enabling both surveillance and forensic capture of video to support the investigation of terrorist, criminal as well as operational activities conducted within the cameras field of view.

The Visual Defence SecurEye is the ultimate forensic witness for analyzing pre-blast events. The solution, which protects a digitally recorded video survived memory module site representative Improvised Explosive Device (IED) testing.

The patent pending solution comes complete with camera sensor(s) and a video data storage unit, delivering over 130 hours of continuous full motion recorded video.
SecurEye utilizes industry standard H.264, MPEG-4 or M-JPEG video encoding which results in the stored data being easily retrievable via a standard USB or Ethernet interface. Playback of the recorded video can easily be accomplished using commercially available media player software.

In order to ensure security and mitigate tampering, the Solid State storage unit has built-in password protection and SSL encryption that can be easily enabled in the field.

  • Resists destruction from bomb blasts
  • Delivers over 130 hours of continuous full motion recorded video
  • Industry standard video encoding
  • Built-in solid-state video storage
  • Hardened protective enclosure
  • Developed to meet U. S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) detailed operational requirements and evaluated in partnership with DHS Science & Technology (DHS S&T), HSARPA & SECURE Programs.

The innovative design ensures that the precious evidence from the pre-blast recording will assist in the investigation of the site and prosecution of the criminals and/or terrorists.